The CPSM piano program offers both Suzuki and traditional piano instruction. To study the piano at CPSM, an acoustic instrument must be in the home or accessible for daily practice. Electronic keyboards are not generally recommended. Please consult with the department coordinator if you have a question regarding your instrument.

Chamber music is an elective that is available to intermediate through advanced students. For more information, please refer to the Chamber Music page.

Many students from the piano program at CPSM have won national and international competitions, and won scholarships for study at reputable conservatories throughout the country.


  • private 30-, 45-, or 60-minute weekly lesson
  • musicianship class
  • piano performance class (30-minute class)
  • choir class

Students may enter the Suzuki Piano Program between the ages of four and six. A placement interview with the department coordinator is required for acceptance into the program. Musicianship, performance and choir classes meet weekly on Sundays. Private lessons may be taken on Sundays or weekday afternoons and evenings.

Utilizing the philosophy and approach of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, the Suzuki method of teaching is based on the belief that “every child can be educated.” Students learn to play an instrument much the same way they learn to speak their native language. This “mother tongue” method was developed by Dr. Suzuki after he noticed the highly developed language skills of young children. Suzuki students learn their instruments in a positive environment in which teachers and parents work together to develop these skills through necessary repetition and reinforcement. For this reason, we can accept children as young as four years of age.

Aside from developing fine young musicians, the goal of Suzuki training is to help every child find the joy that comes through music-making. Through this growing process, children thrive in an environment of total support, as they develop confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and concentration. Suzuki students acquire not only the sensitivity and skill for making music, but also an enduring capacity to enjoy music.

Performance class provides students with the opportunity to perform for and listen to their peers on a regular basis. This class helps the piano students to develop the poise and confidence necessary to perform comfortably before an audience. It also reinforces musicianship skills and helps develop listening skills.


  • private 30-, 45-, or 60-minute weekly lesson
  • musicianship class

Traditional (non-Suzuki) instruction is available to students ages six and up. Parental support is essential and key to every student’s success. Musicianship meets weekly on Saturdays. Private lessons may be taken on Saturdays or weekday afternoons and evenings.

conservatory program

The piano program offers its more competitive students a conservatory track in which, upon passing an audition and musicianship test, the student will enroll in advanced musicianship, and piano literature. In conjunction with these classes, conservatory students will participate in piano master classes several times per semester, perform in special mini-concerts each semester, and perform in a recital in LeFrak Concert Hall held at the end of each school year.