Chamber Music

The CPSM Chamber Music program provides the opportunity for students of all ages to play in musical ensembles consisting of two, three, four and sometimes more musicians. Instrumentation includes woodwinds, strings, and piano. Ensembles are coordinated according to age and musical compatibility, and are coached by our staff of highly qualified instructors who are both experienced performers and pedagogues.

What makes chamber music special is its unique structure that assigns each player to a part. Within this specialized format, ensembles are also required to direct themselves self-sufficiently without the assistance of a conductor. This therefore becomes the ideal vehicle for developing a multitude of vital skills, many of which will likely transcend the craft itself. Chamber music making requires collective cooperation/teamwork, the ability to lead, the ability to defer to a leader, the ability to communicate in a clear and decisive manner (both with and without spoken words), and the ability to adapt.

CPSM chamber ensembles are provided with weekly or bi-weekly coachings per semester, along with the opportunity to perform in what we call: “CPSM Mini-Concerts”. These are short, informal recitals that allow students to gain invaluable performing experience by playing in front of audiences on a regular basis. Chamber ensembles participate in bi-annual master classes, enabling them to perform for their peers, while also being coached by our chamber music staff in a public setting. The full year of chamber music at CPSM culminates in a gala showcase concert at the end of the Spring semester in LeFrak Concert Hall.

Chamber music classes are offered during both the Fall and Spring semesters. Students of intermediate advancement and higher are encouraged to apply.