If you have not decided on the instrument you would like your child to study, please keep in mind that CPSM offers private instruction for all band and orchestral instruments as well as piano, guitar, and voice. All instruction of young children requires a strong commitment from parents with regards to attending lessons, taking notes, and supervising practice time. A parent is required to attend the private and group lessons of a child registered for Suzuki classes. Success in a music program requires the coordinated efforts of teacher, student and parent.

All incoming students and families are personally interviewed by the program coordinator and placed with a teacher according to the individual needs, ambitions, and personality of the student. Our faculty consists of highly trained and experienced teachers who excel in their profession, and in many cases are also enjoying active performing/recording careers.

Classes take place on Saturdays during the school year, with the exception of our Suzuki Piano and Music Theater Programs. For those programs, classes are held on Sundays. Private instrumental lessons may also be scheduled on weekday afternoons or evenings.