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CUNY Queens College
CPSM, NMB #337
65-30 Kissena Boulevard
Flushing, NY 11367

What they are saying about the CPSM Musical Theatre Summer Workshop

Charlotte McKay

From: Flushing, NY
Attended the workshop for 5 summers

Scenes: I Know Now (Lucy), Five Forever (Beth), What You Want (Pilar), Evil Woman (Melpomene), Bravest Individual (Charity)

Solos: Broadway Baby, Shy, Disneyland, What it Means to be a Friend, I Think that He Likes Me

What Charlotte said about her experience:
"Where do I even begin to describe my experience at CPSM. When I first came to the workshop in 2013 I was a shy 10 year old afraid of everything. However, as soon as I walked through the doors I felt at home. I soon grew to know everyone so well and on the last day I was so happy I decided to come. CPSM has been my home for these past 5 summers. I've made my best friends here and memories to last a lifetime. Having the opportunity to work with the amazing staff has helped me grow so much as a performer. The fact that I also got to come to this camp for 3 summers with my sister made it even more special. I want to thank Kim, L'aura, and Mariana for helping me so much in everything I do. And thank you to Michael Sakelos who was on staff from 2014-2015. He helped me become a better dancer and made me more confident in myself and in my performing. I will always cherish my memories at CPSM forever."

Amanda Nuzzo

From: Whitestone, NY
Attended the workshop for 5 summers

Scenes: I Know Now (Sally), What is This Feeling (Glinda), What You Want (Elle), Something's are Meant to Be (Beth), How the Other Half Lives (Dorothy)

Solos: My Party Dress, Naughty, I Know Things Now, Pulled, Kindergarten Boyfriend

What Amanda said about her experience:
"CPSM has really been such an amazing experience for me and will always have a special place in my heart. When I attended camp my first year in 2013, I knew that I loved it even after the first day. Of course at first I was extremely nervous to perform in front of everyone, but looking at the smiles on everyone's faces and seeing how encouraging they all were showed me that I didn't have to be afraid. What I love most about camp is how I always feel so comfortable and not afraid to be myself. I've learned so much at camp and after I performed in my first showcase my confidence grew and I discovered how much I loved being on stage. I've also made my best friends here and I'm so grateful to have met them. The friends that you make at camp really become your second family. I think that we all become so close to each other because we are connected through our passion and getting to do what we love together on stage. I'm so happy that I was able to attend camp for the past five summers because it has really changed my life. CPSM taught me so much and will always be considered my second home. The relationships and memories that I've made here are ones that I will cherish forever."

Tabitha Setari

From: Bayside, NY
Attended the workshop for 4 summers

Scenes: I Know It's Today (Fiona), I'm Not at All in Love (Brenda), Honey Honey (Sophie), Come Out of the Dumpster (Julia)

Solos: I'm Not that Girl, Someday, The Secret of Happiness, Safer

What Tabitha said about her experience:
"Ever since my first day at CPSM, I knew this camp would be my home away from home. The people I met here throughout the years have remained some of my best friends, and I'm so thankful to have them in my life. From my first summer to my last, my friends and family have commented on how incredible the performances are, as well as how much I have improved due to this incredible program. The encouraging staff and constant support from my peers make this camp worthwhile and unforgettable. I credit Kimberly Larkin for helping me get into the school of my dreams. I am so glad to have been a part of the CPSM family."

Julia Sultana

From: Bayside, NY
Attended the workshop for 3 summers

Scenes: How the Other Half Lives (Millie), Evil Woman (Calliope), Holding Out for a Hero (Rusty)

Solos: Show Off, Times Like This, Not For The Life of Me

What Julia said about her experience:
"I started CPSM-MTSW in 2015, which was also the year that I began taking voice lessons. I had never sang in front of people before, and really didn't know what to expect. As soon as I came to camp, everyone was so genuinely welcoming and I realized I had nothing to worry about. Now it's been 3 years since my first day at camp and so much has changed. Because of camp, I realized how much I truly love musical theater. I am incredibly thankful for everything I've learned from Kim and the extremely dedicated staff. I've also made amazing friendships here and I've created unforgettable memories. Camp is such a safe environment where everyone is so hardworking and has a mutual love for musical theater. CPSM a very special place for me and there really is nowhere else like it. Thank you CPSM for the best 3 summers I could have ever asked for!!!!"

Izzy Goncalves

From: Flushing, NY
Attended the workshop for 7 summers

Scenes: At the Ballet (Bebe), Holding Out for a Hero (Ariel), What is this Feeling (Elphaba), What You Want (Serena/Kate), Wick (Mary), Alone in the Universe (Jojo), Glee Club (Peppermint Patty)

Solos: Making Good, I Want to Be a Rockette, Times Like This, Someday, My New Philosophy, Notice Me Horton, Castle on a Cloud

What Izzy said about her experience:
"Walking into Queens College for the first time, I was 9 years old with very little experience in theatre and was very shy. Within the first day of camp, I knew I had a second home and family. Being at camp for the last 7 summers is the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. Growing up with my best friends and sharing a passion created a bond that was unreal. Being at camp makes you forget all of your other problems going on in the outside world, and it lets you focus and have fun. What I love about CPSM the most is the "be yourself" policy that lets kids express their personality and feel like they're in a safe environment. Even though my camper days are over, the bond with the friends I made and the memories will last forever."

Jennifer Sanchez

From: Bellerose, NY
Attended the workshop for 6 summers

Scenes: At the Ballet (Sheila), Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag (Velma), A Boy Like That (Anita), Evil Woman (Melponene), Forget About the Boy (Cora), She's in Love (Mersister)

Solos: Woman, Kindergarten Boyfriend, Life of the Party, Disneyland, What More Do I Need, Waiting for Life

What Jennifer said about her experience:
"CPSM will always be considered my second home. My first summer at camp I learned SO much and made some of my best friends. CPSM is a place where everyone encourages you to be the best performer and person you can be and the support from everyone is so amazing. The endless encouragement is overwhelming and it gave me the strength to never give up and keep working hard. I think this camp has really changed me for the better and has had such an amazing impact on my life. Thinking about going to camp each summer is what always got me through the school year. CPSM and everyone in it has such a special place in my heart and I can't thank everyone enough for the amazing memories and help throughout the years!!!"

Kristen Bamberger

From: New Hyde Park, NY
Attended the workshop for 4 summers

Scenes: We're Not Done (Campbell), I'm the Bravest Individual (Charity), Five Forever (Jo), What You Want (Elle)

Solos: Fly Fly Away, Gimme Gimme, My Personal Property, Taylor the Latte Boy

What Kristen said about her experience:
"There aren't even enough words to explain what an amazing experience I've had at camp, and how much it has affected me today. CPSM has been my home away from home for the past four summers, and everyone there is like my second family. Without camp, I would have never discovered my passion for musical theater, and my love for performing on stage. Everyone at camp is so accepting and caring, and I'm glad that every summer I was able to go to a place where I could form a special bond with others over something we all loved. I honestly can't believe that my time as a camper has ended. Looking back, CPSM has changed me so much and really helped me to improve, not only in musical theater, but as a person. Even though I've only been a camper for four years, I feel as though I've grown up at camp, and I will never forget all the memories I've made, all that I've learned, and the people I've become so close with. Thank you CPSM for making my summers so amazing and special."

Caitlyn Deprossino

From: Flushing, NY
Attended the workshop for 4 summers

Scenes: Somethings Are Meant to Be (Jo), How the Other Half Lives (Miss Dorothy), Into the Woods (Cinderella), What You Want (Margot)

Solos: Sweet Liberty, Home, Beyond My Wildest Dreams, Notice Me Horton

What Caitlyn said about her experience:
"I knew I loved CPSM-MTSW when I saw my first showcase in 2012. I knew that I loved musical theater, but this was unlike anything I had seen before. It showcased each individual’s talent in their own, unique way. Not only that, but when the campers preformed the group numbers, it was immediately apparent how much fun everyone was having on that stage and how close they were with each other. I joined the camp in 2013 and I am so beyond grateful that I was able to. I have built such lasting friendships with the campers and have been able to work with the most amazing, dedicated staff in the world. Whenever the school year was rough and dragging by, I always knew that I had camp to look forward to. CPSM has been my home for the past 4 years; each year we become a new little family. Even though it is impossible for every camper to become best friends, everyone is so supportive and accepting of each other, because we’re all doing what we love. I couldn’t imagine my summers anywhere else!"

Emelie Latzer

From: Douglaston, NY
Attended the workshop for 4 summers

Scenes: At The Ballet (Maggie), Flight (Kate), Somethings are Meant to be (Jo), Matchmaker (Hodel)

Solos: Nothing Stops Another Day, Astonishing, Far From the Home I Love, You There in the Back Row

What Emelie said about her experience:
"When I first came to CPSM I had just moved back to New York after living in Hong Kong for seven years. I was extremely nervous on the first day and I didn't know anybody, but the people at CPSM were so caring and they welcomed me with open arms. CPSM is such an amazing place, not only have I learned and grown as an artist, but also as a person. I have made life long friends there who all share my love for musical theatre! CPSM has become my home away from home and I will never forget all the amazing memories I have made over the years. I’m so happy my mom somehow found the CPSM website all the way from Hong Kong and decided to sign me up! CPSM has been one of the best experiences of my life, and every summer over the past 4 years has been a summer I will never forget."

Valentina Padovan

From: Astoria, NY
Attended the workshop for 4 summers

Scenes: Who Does She Think She Is (Bernice), How the Other Half Lives (Millie), Some Things Are Meant to Be (Beth), I Feel Pretty (Maria)

Solos: Screw Loose, The Trolley Song, You’ve Got Possibilities, Come Down from the Tree

What Valentina said about her experience:
"It seems like just yesterday that I first attended CPSM. I remember being so nervous and anxious because I didn't know exactly what to expect. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with smiles and everyone was so welcoming. I felt like I belonged. I was nervous about singing but not for long because there was nothing to be afraid of -- after I sang, everyone was so supportive and encouraging. I realized that CPSM gave me the chance to do what I love each and every day. Every year I would count down the days until camp started again. And I was so lucky that I was able to do it for four years. Camp became my second home and I couldn't wait to see the people that shared the same love of musical theatre with me. One thing that surprised me most, was that although I had no dancing experience, I was encouraged to dance at same level as everyone else. CPSM taught me so much and gave me the confidence to call myself a dancer today. I'm really sad that I graduated this year and I hope that I could come back and volunteer next year. I would like to give a special thank you to Kim and her staff for letting me be a part of this incredible place and giving me such an amazing experience. I have made so many great friends and I will cherish those relationships forever."

Celeste Samson

From: Flushing, NY
Attended the workshop for 4 summers

Scenes: We're Not Done (Danielle), Flight (Natalie), Mama I'm a Big Girl Now (Penny), I Need A Hero (Urleen)

Solos: Look at Me Now, Broadway Here I Come, Don't Rain on my Parade, I Still Believe in Love

What Celeste said about her experience:
"CPSM has been an amazing experience for me. There, I met ambitious and hardworking kids who wanted to put on a great show. I felt at home because of how unified and supportive we all were. The best thing about camp for me was how much I was encouraged to grow and improve. Everyday I was a little more knowledgeable than I was the day before. I could be intuitive, present new ideas and suggestions, and be an active part of the constructive criticism I received from counselors. Above all of this, camp gave me the gift of knowing what I'd love to be doing for the rest of my life. Collaborating with other artist to relive emotions and experiences is so freeing and I'm so glad that I got to do that every summer for four years. Even though I'm no longer a camper, all the friends and experiences from these summers will stay in my heart forever."

Gia Antonucci

From: Flushing, NY
Attended the workshop for 2 summers

Scenes: Five Forever (Jo), Holding Out for a Hero (Wendy Jo)

Solos: His Name, Here I Am

What Gia said about her experience:
"CPSM is always going to be something I consider to be my second home. Coming to camp was one of the best desicons of my life. I didn't realize how big of an impact this camp would make on my life. I have made so many new friends that have become my best friends and I wouldn't want it any other way. This program has brought me so many different opportunities that I know I can't get anywhere else. I was able to perform scenes with such talented performers who work so hard for such a young age and I am so grateful for them. CPSM is an amazing camp and I am so happy I was able to be apart of this wonderful family."

Erica Campos

From: Flushing, NY
Attended the workshop for 2 summers

Scenes: Five Forever (Meg), Matchmaker (Tzeitel)

Solos: Wait a Bit, Blue Hair

What Erica said about her experience:
"CPSM-MTSW will always be a special part of my life. I have shared so many memories there and I will always remember them: like my first time singing in front of people ever or getting to spend time with all these amazing people and getting to work with them! This program has brought so many new friends into my life and they are all more than friends, we are a true family. I always felt comfortable here and I enjoyed every minute I spent with this family. Even though my time as a camper came to a close I know I will always have CPSM-MTSW as a safe place that I can always come back to, and that's such a great thing to have."